Karen has extensive relationships with the owners, leasing agents, developers and leaders in the brokerage industry.    Karen is dedicated to understanding the current and ever changing real estate market in Orange County.  Her knowledge, expertise, creativity, and personal approach enable her to secure the best possible deal and provide superior results for her clients. She is professional, trustworthy, conscientious and enthusiastic, and she takes the time to understand what is best in the long run for the clients she represents.  Long term relationships with her clients are important to her.

She has also closed lease transactions in excess of 100 million dollars. Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Karen Sunday & Associates specializes in commercial real estate – Newport Beach, Fashion Island, Costa Mesa, Irvine.


The Irvine Office Company-

Mike Santley, Gary Gerson, Rick Wandrocke, Craig Brashier, Steve Case, Jeff Shaw

Maria Meyer, Natalia Olenicoff,  Olen Properties

Bill Halford, President of Bixby Land Company

Richard P. Crane, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, Global Solutions

Richard and Mary Lee Vanderkaay, Mergers and Acquisitions firm, Newport Beach

Chris Farley, Attorney at Law, Newport Beach

Ron Soderling, Jim Biram, Owner of Resco Properties

Tod Ridgeway Ridgeway Development and former Mayor, Newport Beach

Debbie Westerlund, Vice President, the Murrel Company, Flinn West

Dave Colton, President Colton Capital

Chuck Martin, Venture Capitalist, Mont Pelerin Capital

Gary Prim, Prim Owner Investor

Scott Souders, Attorney at law

Greg Ekstrom, Business Owner

Sheldon Fleming Attorney at law

Joy Berus, Attorney

Al Esquerra, Advertising

Dale Falasco, RE Owner

Leigh Steinberg Sports Agent

Jeff Moorad, Sport Company, Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks

Adam Ziegler, President Blastis Corporation

Mike Lutton, Developer, Former President of Irvine Company

Andrew Patterson, Patterson Construction and Home Builders

Christopher Gibbs, President Christopher Homes

Richard Dick, Mark Yorita, Developer, Meadows Real Estate Partner

Tom Kubota- President, Medex, Newport Beach

Jeff Benice, Law Offices of Jeffrey Benice, Costa Mesa

Studio S Salon, Newport Beach, Nicki Womat Owner

Eric Jackson, Owner of IAML Newport Beach companies

Louis Habash, Medical entrepreneur

Gordon Barienbrock, former owner of Crow’s nest, Billy’s and Chart House bldgs…

David Davutoglu, Owner Starline

Bruce Molnar, Owner, Alta Holdings, Irvine

Travis Conley, Chiropractor and Sports Therapist

Paul Bartelt, NFL and Sacramento Kings

Chris Brown, Clayton Controls

Terry Galloway, Architect

Jim Glidewell, Glidewell Laboratories

Mark Holland, Attorney at law

Brian Barbuto, Inforbrij

Marc Thomas, Orange Theory Fitness

Cora Newman, Consultants RE

Carol Hoffman, Consultants RE

Drew Hunt, President, WZWLH Accountants, Irvine

Newport Harbor Radiology, Newport Beach

Smile Bright- Corona Del Mar

Joel Faucetta- RE Developer

Bill Cohen, Investor

Dean Ledger, Mortgage Company

Drew Lawler, Journalist

Charles Laverty, Advisor

Michael Lamp, Olympic Staffing

Mark Sork, Commercial Real Estate Developer

Robert Pfeif, Owner Pfeif Residential Brokerage

Steve St. Clair, Developer and Real Estate Investor

Jeff and Lori Curie, Entrepreneurs, Irvine

Dave Wyle, Sure Prep

Michael Flynn, Real Estate Investor, Newport Beach

Audrey Williams Manager

Nina Courtney, Newport Center owner 366 San Miguel Drive

David Taban, owner Jade Enterprises

Marc Scher, Partner, Ernst and Young Accounting

Tom Wells, Attorney, Newport Beach

Sasco Electric, Irvine

Mark Zigner, Newport Beach

Maurice Mandel, Attorney, Newport Beach

Roger Kirwan, Ganis, Newport Beach

Pulte Homes

Michael Conser, Insurance

Bruce Corbett, Attorney at law

Corbin Blume, Jaguar Energy

Fred Pillon, Gibson Dunn Law firm

Hillman Properties, Robert Neary

Tolf, Woff and Farrow, Engineering, Newport Beach

Venus Soltan, Attorney at Law, Newport Beach

William Stampley, Sanport Development- Newport Beach

Mike Moreland Accountant- Newport Beach

Shernoff, Scott & Bidart Attorneys, Irvine

Arthur Valdes & Company, Newport Beach

Scott Pievac, CEO and owner Sam Pievac Company, Chino

Steele Platt, CEO and Founder of the Yardhouse Restaurant

Britta Wetteskind- European Spa, Newport Beach

Dr. Leonid Lerner, Ophthalmologist, Newport Beach

Candie Huang- Owner Several buildings in Irvine and Newport Beach-lease her buildings

Jim McGee Real Estate Attorney Newport Beach

Andrea Trinen, Leasing Agent, Burnham USA, Newport Beach

Scott Burnham, Owner, Burnham USA, Newport Beach

Doug Miles, Partner at Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom, Winters

Tom Powell, Attorney at Law, Newport Beach

John Hamilton, Real Estate Developer owner Newport Beach

Brian Mock, President Oxbow, Newport Beach

Jim Nicoll- President, Sho Air- sold two buildings- Corporate Park, Irvine

Keith Lumpkin, Owner, Horton and Converse Pharmacies

Justin Dedeaux, Real Estate Owner, Entrepreneur

Michael Mandekic, Partner Prudential Real Estate

Michael Brooks, Partner, Lord Abbott

Michael Paselk, Owner, Turelk Construction

Alex Razmjoo, owner Candelis Software

Karlylle Schwartz- Legacy Partners Accounting

Scott Banard-Office Developer- South County and Newport Beach

Al Geiberger, Pro Golfer- Mr. 59

John Schroeder, Pro Golfer, Founder Cobra Golf

Tom Giddings. Branch Manager First Foundation, Irvine

Patrick Kapsner, President Bristol Park Medical- Memorial Health

Rick Ferguson, CEO, Medical Diag. Company Woman’s DX

William Foote, CEO SWD Communities- developer in commercial real estate and owner

Eric Prevette- Hotel Developer

Bill Messenger, RE Developer

Peter Desforges Wohl Investments

Joseph Davis, Attorney at law

Rick Gillis, General Manager, and Young’s Market

Mel Otis, Real estate Entrepreneur

Ralph Selway, Dave Ritchie, Wells Fargo Private Banking President

Eric Snider, Life Story Research

Richard Riesman and Shelly Ascher, the Orange County Business Journal President, etc

Bill Lobell, Attorney

Chuck Horning, Newport Federal, Signature Services, CEO and owner of Telluride

Vice President Dan Qualye

Jeff Marquis, ABM

Bill McCullough Apartment Magazines

Ned McCune, RE Investor Owner

John McMahon, Insurance Co. Owner

Scott McVean, Pan de Monde Owner

Soraya Jewelers, Zac Amir, Newport Beach

Rick Van Hensbergen Owner, RVH Constructors

Craig Metz, Real Estate Developer, Investor

Kurt Caillier, Owner A &A Ready Mixed Concrete Company

Blair Armstrong and Greg Bircher, Developers, long time real estate investors

David Davutoglu, Starline

Steve Oakley, Commercescott

Eve Brackmann, Attorney at law

Jim Wood, President, Stonewood Properties Developers

Mark Sanquist, Leasing Director, Arnel Properties

Coret Barre Owners, Ruth Jolly and Marc Blancarte, Newport Beach

Dr. Joe Cerni, DO, Newport Beach

Ty Alexander Salon, Newport Beach

Elizabeth Social Secretary, Newport Beach

Gary Prim, Prim Las Vegas Developer

Steve Craig, Craig Realty Group, Owner of Cabazon and the Citadel

Mitch Ritschel, President, Davenport Partners

Regus Executive Suites

Worth Probst, Colorbus

Marie Gray, St. John Knit Founder

Ron McElroy, owner, Real Office Centers, Newport Center

Randy Shafer, Business Owner, Irvine

Steve Tennessen, Mag Layers USA

Gabe Rios, Branch Manager Bank

John DeCero, and Jon Wilcox, President and CEO of California Republic Bank- now Mechanics Bank

Bob Barth, CEO-California Republic Bank

Joan Edwards- owner Edwards theatres and real estate buildings Newport Center

Toby Walker, Newport Beach Industrial Developer and builder

Grant McPhail, Developer,

Jay Carden President American Spectrum, Houston, Texas

Larry Armstrong Ware Malcomb President Architecture Firm

Jon Dubois, Law firm of Wesierski & Zurek

Steve Hopkins, President, Hopkins Real Estate Group- Retail developer

Gary Babick, Former Partner, Grant Thornton, CFO

Wayne Lytle, Accountant Newport Beach

Russell Garner, Broker

Bill Baker, Software

Sheldon Razin, Dave Wyle owners of Quality Systems and Sure Prep

Kurt Caillier, owner A&A Ready Mixed Concrete, sold him a building in Newport Beach

Michael Mandekic, Manager Prudential California Realty Beverly Hills

Dennis Rosene, Owner, State farm

Donald Rakemann

Brad Schroth, Mark Bennett- Owners of PRES commercial real estate owners and developers

Jeff Milman, Dan Hodes, Sean Burke Top OC Trial Attorneys

Bill Watt, Baywood Development

Walter Eeds, Owner, Greystone Development

Jim Gianulias, Developer and Owner of buildings in Newport Beach- leased buildings

Marie Gray, St. John Knit Original Owner, leased her building in Newport Beach

Fred Alaghband Developer Builder ACS Irvine

Leigh Steinberg, Sports Agent

Jeff Moored- former part owner of the Padres

Jerry King Vice President Michael Brandman Associates Irvine

R.D. Olson, Builder and Developer of Hotels, Irvine

Alex Phillips and Mike Meyers, Twin Rock Partners

Ralph Emerson and Michael Kerr, developers Bluestone Communities

Russ Fluter, Investor and Real Estate Developer- helped leased properties in Newport Beach

Priestley Chiropractic, Kevin Priestley, Newport Beach

Joe Walker, Walker Law Firm, Newport Beach

Dacrey and Don Northrop, Owner BBI, sold building in Costa Mesa

Robert Delve Southern California Edison

Dale Williams- Developer

Rick Mallory- Real Estate Attorney and Partner- Allen Matkins Gamble

Doug Moorhead- President, Optima Real Estate owner and developer of commercial real estate

Dr. Jed Horowitz and Dr. Larry Nichter, Plastic Surgeons- Newport Beach

Kevin Sadati, Plastic Surgeon Newport Center

Dr. Jay Wasserman, Internist, Fountain Valley

Tim Casey, Owner, Jockimo, Aliso Viejo

David Cobb

Nina Courtney

Bernie Schneider, Attorney at Law

Kevin Smith, VP Butler Construction

David Baker, Stratum Insurance

Doug Hopkins, Entrepreneur

Bill Lee, Lee & Associates

Jeffrey Broker, Attorney at Law

Darrell Hoover- Real Estate Investor

Jim and Andy Gianulias, Owner, Developer

David Baker, Stratum Insurance

Ronald Gordon PCS

Robert Ko, owner commercial re

Jamboree Promenade Project

Northern Trust of Newport Beach

Robert Mayer of Newport Beach

Stephen Casey, California Dental Insurance Company

Michael Pavlovich, Pharmacist

Richard Hearn, President Star Care Investment Company

Terry Thomson

Mark Asdourian, Attorney

Ken Young, Contractor

Sumitomo Bank

Suzanne Smith, Keenan Insurance

Fred Smith, Ditka and Smith

Lynne Valentine Properties

John and Jeff Stefani, Zip Z shoes

Suzanne Miles Smith, Keenan Insurance

Charles Crookhall, President Crookhall Development

Mitch Vance, President Solis Capital

Michael Skillman, Cadence Capital

Kathleen Peters, Statefarm Insurance

Violet Woodhouse, Attorney at law

Grif Amies, Marketing

John Acierno, Director, Merrill Lynch

Bill Davis, Davis Partners, Real Estate Owners and Developers

Michael Lamp, Owner, Olympic Staffing Co.

Michael Azar- owner developer

Mark Perlmutter and Dan Perlmutter- DMP Properties- sold 250 Newport Center

Chuck Horning, Newport Federal, owner Telluride

Ron McElroy, owner Real Office Centers

Don Kelley, Kelley Systems

Andrew Donchak, President, Digital Performance

Ken Shearn, Rare Coin Wholesalers

Al and Jim Baldwin, Developer, Home Builder

David Kennedy, VP, Green Law Partners

Corbin Blume, Oil Investor and Entrepreneur

Erik Bronk Attorney

Chris Fox M Point Capital

Bob Ferrente, KPF Financial

Patrick Jones, Mark IV

Mark Kerslake Builder

Garth Flint, Advisors

Brian Fitterer, RE Developer

Bob Messina, Owner, Financial Planner

Bob Ruth, Real Estate developer and Owner

Robert Wenger, former Partner of Deloitte

Robert Zepfel and Jon Haddan, Attorney at Law

Venus Soltan, Attorney at Law

Kelly Robinson and Dominic Barton, Broadbean, Career Builders

Mark Hyatt, President, KDF Communities

Joe Lozowski, CEO, Tangram Interiors

John Ysu, Owner Piyo Piyo Children’s Clothing

Bryan Shafer, Financier

Kim Arico, Palm and Associates

Patrick Murphy Wealth Management

Travis Allen, Congressman

Kevin Smith, Butler Construction

Gensler Architecture

Tom Fagadou, Oil and Gas

Tim Casey, Jockimo

Jeff Bowers Developer

Robert May, Avenida Partners

John Combs Riverrock

Josef Cowan, Attorney

Blair Armstrong, Builder

Richard Kelley, Triangle Square Ventures

Danielle Hay- Hay Medical Management

Jim and Joan Edwards- Edwards Theaters Owners, Building Owners

Walter Eeds, Greystone Group

Bruce McDonald, Developer

Bryan Bentrott, Developer

Statefarm Insurance

Faye Hezar Property Manager

Marilyn Curry, Accountant

Will Cureton, Developer

Kristen Ambrose, Rmrg RE

Lisa Battaglia Attorney at Law

Dan Bear, Real estate owner

Rob Goe, Attorney at law

Jeffrey Goffman, Insurance

Bill Goltermann, RE Developer

Michael Goode, Attorney at law

Phil Green, Attorney at law

David Hanna- Hanna Barbera

Mark Prynn, Lotus Innovations

Paul Heeschen, Investor

Steve St. Clair, RE Developer

Tom Penna, ITX Construction Restaurants

Larry Heglar, Appraiser Company

Rob Ukropina- Deliver

Dan Watkins, Attorney at law

Kevin Sanchez, Harcourt Residential Properties

Arthur Valdes, Hotel Architect

Kerry Hacker, Hacker Industries

Paul Habeeb, Assisted Living builder

Rich Wray, RE Owner, Developer

Mark Wilson, Attorney at law

Doctors, Medical Clients and Retail Clients

Dr. Jed ​H. ​Horowittz and Larry ​Nichter – Partners Plastic Surgeons

Alla Korinevskaya, Owner of Russian School of Mathematics

Dr. Jeff Stickney, Therapist, Newport Beach

Dr. Sara Stuchell, Newport Beach

Dr. Nadia Abazarnia, Dentist, Newport Beach

Dr. Douglas Hauck, DDS, Newport Beach

Asia Botanos, Skin Clinic, Lasering

House of Poke

Dr. Michael Vizcarra, OBGYN

Dr. Vipal Sonit, GP

Evelyn Tribole, RD

Dr. Saif Siddiqi –Leg and Vain

Dr. Jon Siems, Lase Eye

Dr. Al Sukut DDS

Cosmetic Imaging Center- Athena Versant

Nail Garden

Joseph Risi, Developer

Bob Romney, Entrepreneur, and investor

Eric Schoof, Koll Company

Dean Rathbun, Avis Mortgage

Jeff Reese, Segerstrom VP, South Coast plaza

Kimberly Raimando, Belpointe Advisors

Studio C Salon- Leonard Castro

Studio S Salon- Newport Center

Dr. Tandis Eftekhari, DDS

359 San Miguel Salon

Guitar Center

Golden Nail Salon Tustin

Dr. Kevin Sadati- Medical Spa

Asia Botanas- Botox Fillers

European Wellness Center

Ty Alexander Salon Newport Center

Dr. Ken Grabow, Pain Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Altman, Neurologist, Newport Beach

Mike Jani, Retail operator

Dr. Sarah Jebreil DDS

Dr. John Shamoun Plastic Surgeon

Piyo Piyo

Dr. Barbara Kaufman, Marriage Family specialist

Dr. Nick Yaru, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Lincoln Yee, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. John Aguilera DDS

Dr. Jay Calvert, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Travis Conley, Chiropractor

Dr. Lyndsay Elliot, Therapist

Dr. Jane Bening, OBGYN

Dr. Phil Cast, Hormone specialist

Dr. Alan Khedari, DDS

Dr. Kharazmi, Vein Specialist

Dr. Pierre Giammanco, ear nose throat, Plastics

Dr. Andy Kasimitas, Chiropractor

Dr. Neal Butani, Pain Med, skincare

Dr. Michael Spitzer, DDS

Dr. Katerina Kurteeva, naturalist

Dr. Leonard Lerner, Retina specialist

Dr. Steve Kessler, Plastic Surgeon

Jill Allen- Cryotherapy

Dr. Goswami and Jim Hagen, Precise Care

Detail Salon- Martha Wise, Owner

Dr. Robert McHarris, DDS

Grace Lugati, True Grace Skin Salon

Dr. Melissa Glenn, Dermatology

Dr. Susan Cox, Dermatology

Conway Ho, President, Brain Treatment Center

Ron and Linda Beale- At Ease Clothing

Ben Card, Attorney

Twila True, Polished Perfect, Entrepreneur

Dr. John Storch, Internist

Dr. Jennifer Angel, Chiropractor, Newport Beach

Dr. Gail Ryan Raphael, Therapist

Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, Therapist

Zac Amir Jewelers

Dr. Shovre Mehvar , Acupuncturist, Newport Beach

Dr. Jeffrey Bone, Therapist, Newport Beach

Dr. Richard Burholder- DDS- Newport Beach

Sara Choi Hair Design

Wellness Center – Pacific Lyons Care-West Hollywood

Paint and Sip- Bryan Chin- Costa Mesa

Optima Beauty

The Ice Cream Way

White Front Pharmacy

Butterfly Beauty Bar and Supply

Cryotherapy- Mojo Cryotherapy

Freedom Bike Ride

Detail Salon Newport Beach

Newport Beach Dental Spa

Dr. Geoffrey Hersch Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Richard Wittenauer DDS

Dr. Nick Avetoon DDS

California Republic Bank

American Express Travel Newport Center

Westcliff Compounding Pharmacy

Dr. Gus Tsamoutalidis Chiropractor

Billy’s Restaurant

Dr. Brian Oh, Acupuncturist

Dr. Travis Conley, Chiropractic

Chart House Restaurant

House of Poke, Restaurant

Back To Basics Chiropractor

Pilates Bar Newport Center

Figge Photography

Dr. Imman Bar- Botox, Lasering

Dr. Angela Champion- Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gilda Gilak, GP

Dr. Svetlana Stivi, New Health Institute, Newport Center

Jordan Kahf  Digital Doc

Dr. Janine Jensen OBGYN

Dr. Claudio Carvalho, Orthopedics

Dr. Ali Beheshti, GP

Dr. Cindy Cork OBGYN

Dr. Bahram Alavy, Sleep doctor

Dr. Jay Masserman, OBGYN

Dr. David Cole, Laser, Plastics, Dermatologist

Dr. Garrett Wdowin, GP

Dr. Keith Weiner Cardiologist

Dr. Jodi Gandy, Cardiologist

Dr. Janine Jensen, Newport Beach

Dr. Gus Tsumoutalidis, Newport Beach Chiropractor

Dr. Mick Manzi, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Bogdan Popa, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Mehdi Deram, Dermatologist

True Grace Skin Care

Shawn Maiden Private Workout- Newport Center

Dr. Michael Meshkin Hair Restoration

Dr. Craig Ziering Hair Restoration

Eco Chic Salon

Dr. Ivar Roth- Concierge Podiatry

The Dailey Method

Jo Skibby Tutoring

Ben Ho Pharmacy

Dr. Joseph Dicaprio, DDS

Dr. Jon Grazer, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jed Horowitz-Cosmetic Center Newport Beach

Dr. Melissa Glenn and Dr. Susan Cox Dermatology

Dr. Joe Cerni-Forever Ageless

Dr. Larry Sherwin, Dermatology

Dr. Vansoni Wellness Center

OC Outdoors Costa Mesa

Armen Jewelers

Dr. Kevin Priestly, Chiropractor

Dr. Malcolm Paul, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yvette Somoano, Pediatrics

Dr. Mathew Brown, Optometrist

Dr. Sharam Kawji Newport Retina Institute

Sam Sharma- Cryo therapy

Dr. Yonatan Mahller, Internist

Dr. Wittenauer, Specialty Dentist

Henry’s Market- leased corporate offices

Dr. Herb Shack, Optometrist, Newport Beach

Dr. Ivar Roth, Concierge Foot Spa, Newport Beach

Dr. Alexandra Chebil, Ophthalmologist, Irvine Lasik Ct.