77-430 Iroquois, Indian Wells, California

Beautiful 2.5 acre Indian Wells vacation home

3 Master Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Swimming pools, 2 Hot tubs/Spa

The city requires a minimum 30 day rental.  No short term stay, Sorry. 

Contact Karen Sunday to inquire about renting the vacation rental 949-632-7727 or email [email protected]

Beautiful 3 bedroom 3 bath vacation rental home in Indian Wells.

WELCOME- IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE HOME-many items and instructions are labeled all over the house!
Information on the vacation home: Take the 10 freeway and exit Cook Drive off ramp- make a right towards the desert and go to Highway 111, turn left and you can access Indian Wells by both the Manitou Gate (Miles and Manitou) and/or the Club Drive Gate (which is where the restaurant Vicki’s is on the corner) turn right at either gate entrance and tell them you are a guest at the above home. To get to the house, just go straight as you enter the gate and turn left on Iroquois. It is on the left hand side. The Clubhouse for Indian Wells Country Club is very close to the home. Most of the area is single family homes starting at 1 million dollars- so the neighborhood is very high end and quiet. About half the homes are second homes and down the street are condos. The area has incredible foliage and mature trees and the mountains are lit up at night and it is breathtaking how absolutely beautiful the views are all over the Indian Wells area.

To get access into the home: Keyless entry is on the side of the house on the door entry to the garage- Park and go thru the side gate (open) and the man door is on the garage door.

There is a driveway on the left side of the home and a two car garage there. Park in front of the garage and there is a gate to the left which is not locked. Go through that gate or walk around it you will see how easy it is and there is a standard man door to the garage with a touch-pad- keyless entry. Punch in the four digit code which is (call me or email me for it). Once you are inside you will see two keys and two garage door openers for your use. Please leave the keys and garage door openers there when you check-out. You can shut the man door and push the key that has a picture of a lock on it and it will activate the lock from the outside or bolt lock it shut. You can park in front of the garage if you have guests or park on the street. When you leave you can go out and push the lock key (symbol lock) and it will lock and re-enter the four digit code to get in. Please leave the keys and the garage door openers in the basket or back on the wall when you vacate the home. It is probably easier to take the garage door opener with you versus the keys.

Indian Wells Country Club: I used to be a member of the Club and can get my guests on the course typically because I know people and it is semi-private now. Mark Windstrom is a legend who runs the golf pro shop and makes it happen.
If you go out the door of my home to the right- to the Country clubhouse and take the golf cart or you can walk to it- that is the Indian Wells Country Club facility and they do serve lunch and breakfast to non-members and members of Club Core. Anyway they will serve the public but you need to pay cash- they serve outside (weather permitting) and it is gorgeous- they have a small bar in there and a TV- fun place. Best breakfast lunch viewing place sit outside and enjoy the view.

Kitchen/Dining Area:
We have several fruit trees on the 2 acres so feel free to pick the fruit-I have a restaurant manual juicer for all types of fruit- grapefruit and oranges on the property you can pick…and enjoy

Feel free to use all of the appliances and they are new and the instructions are in the drawer. There are glass plates and glasses and plastic plates and glasses. Please be careful to not break things in the pool area and use plastic outside. There are appliances gas stove, microwave and oven and such items as a margarita maker, blender, coffee pot, crock pot, food processor, cappuccino machine, waffle maker, can opener, salad spinner, and 2 juicers (one manual) which is great for fruit with instructions, etc. I have directions in the drawer for all appliances- that is located next to the oven. There are coffee beans in the freezer and tea and sugar, sweet and low in the cabinet, condiments in the refrigerator and items for cooking. There is a coffee bean grinder which is user friendly. The Cuisinart Coffee Pot is a thermos type- There are placemats for the tables and a couple of tablecloths and napkins and napkin rings for nicer entertaining and small napkins for cocktails. There are lots of candles around the home please be careful. I have spices and olive oil and cocktail glasses such as wine glasses and margarita glasses are in the bar. I have trays and lots of serving platters and bowls, wine and beer openers and platters to serve food on. In the season, feel free to pick fresh fruit from the trees- (orange, grapefruit, tangelos, and lemons).There are dish-towels, utensils, and lots of bowls for serving items, and lots of paper-towels available. There is a washer-dryer with laundry soap and bounce and bleach. There are cleaning items like Windex, comet, dishwashing soap etc under the sink in the kitchen, in the laundry area and in the master bathroom cabinet. There are other cleaning items and necessities in the garage in the white cabinet or on the shelves- like toilet paper. There are paper towels in the garage and trash bags.
Trash comes on Wednesday- they pick it up.

Bar Area:
I have alcohol that is shared with my guests- mixers etc. – so help yourself- bar has pretty much everything for my guests
There are wine glasses, martini glasses, candles, oil lamp, stir sticks, small napkins, margarita blender and regular blender. Please bring your own alcohol and be careful not to slip outside around the pool area. Blender in the kitchen.
Pool Area: I have a new travertine table that seats 6-8- and chaise lounge chairs for four- and a high top for four- the adjacent pool (community pool and spa which is not used at all by my neighbors) has lounge chairs and tables too for more sunning in the afternoon- please keep covered after you vacate w the covers provided. There is an outside heater which is electric so no need to worry about propane- it can plug in the wall there by the high top-

Any questions please get a hold of me or my pool guy Amado. Pool guy comes on Saturday and weds. And he can be reached at 760 831-5198 Pool- spa is user friendly.
The switches are on the wall go out the master bedroom- it is below the window of the bathrooms with instructions- you push heat and spa or heat and pool- It only heats one of the other- for 3 hour increments and then goes off- automatically- heats anytime. You cannot change the degree of heat- for safety purposes I have that set. You can only heat pool or hot tub not both at the same time- u will see the remote on the wall by the master bedroom outside to the left under the bathroom window.
The switches are labeled outside. Please do not touch the main box.

There are pool towels in the container next to the TV in the master bedroom. There is an umbrella that can be adjusted for outside up and down or on an angle and please take down if it is windy and please leave down when you vacate. I have fun pool items for kids and adults in the garage like a basketball hoop and rafts and fins and a mask, badminton and smash ball set. I have two new pads for the lounge chairs which have a Hawaii theme/ upholstery on them and a couple or pillows please leave in the home or garage when you leave to protect them from the sun when you vacate the home. I have three new high top bar stools with cushions that I also leave in the home. There is a Mexican barbecue- new and you can buy wood or use what is there and a heat lamp that is run by electricity.
If you have any questions please call me on my cell phone about the pool and heating etc.

Community Pool: Is available for use too- more sun in the afternoon and occasionally heated.

Pool Lights:
The interior pool lights can be turned on from the Master bedroom- there is a labeled switch on the wall. Please turn off when not in use. You can light up the pool at night if you want-

NO JUMPING OR DIVING – THE POOL IS SHALLOW- There is a community pool too- do not allow your kids to jump or dive in that as there is no liability on my behalf or my neighbors if there are accidents, etc.
Or please watch your children- I welcome kids and like a safe environment for my families.
The pool man comes twice a week. (Weds and sat).

Mist System:
The hose line outside the house must be on first there are two lines- one for the hose and one for the mist system and a adapter switch on it (outside on the wall attached to the hose behind the kitchen sink). You must switch on the water which is outside first. There are two switches one is for the Mist.

The Barbecue outside is easy to light- just turn on the gas and there is a lighter in the house or a long matches by the fireplace. There are tools in drawer in front of the unit and a barbecue holder for fish or vegetables stored in the unit. The valve should be turned off when not in use. Thank you. There is a cleaner brush and cleaner store too, if you need to clean it. I clean it twice a year.

Bathrooms: Each bedroom has a private bathroom and there is one powder room.
Please use the squeegees on the glass doors after use- the hard water really ruins the glass if it is left on it. All bathrooms have toilet-paper, Kleenex, and ample towels underneath and pump-soap in the showers. There are blow-dryers in three of the bathrooms and plenty of towels and shampoo and conditioner and soap and lotion- lots of towels, too and small rugs to step on to. Please don’t put pads or tampax down the toilets- they mess up the sewage systems- thanks all toilets please and it is helpful to me to use the squeechy on the glass doors of the showers. Thanks

There are two Heating-Air-Conditioning thermostats on both sides of the home- The home does not get the hot afternoon sun in the great room which is a plus for staying cool! Please turn off when you exit the home-
The HVAC units should be set at close to the same temperature. Please keep the doors closed when using.
Safe for valuables is in the day room walk in closet.
The code is easy just punch in six number 5’s, so 555555- and it opens and closes with this code if you want to store valuables. The directions are in the safe, too.
Library: There are probably 300 books/magazines for your enjoyment. There are many great books.
Games: there are a lot of games in the cabinets in the great room.
Gas Fireplace with glass crystal beautiful: PLEASE DO NOT TURN THE FLAMES ON TOO HIGH!!!!
The Flue is open and it lights easily with the large matches next to it. Please leave flue open. Just turn on the handle to the left and use the lighter to operate.. I have a lighter for the fireplace hanging on the gas opener. It is cut glass- do not touch glass – you can get cut!

Bedrooms– three (3) bedrooms- three (3) king size beds and an inflatable mattress on the cabinets on the hallway
Flat screen TV’s in all rooms and the great room. – see below
There are televisions in all bedrooms with cable and remotes. Please feel free to use. There is a VCR in the guest room with videos to watch for adults and children. There is a DVD player in all rooms there extra blankets and sheets provided. There are DVDs, CDs and Videos for adults and children. There are 4 TVs in the home. There is a 65 inch plasma in the living room- top of the line Panasonic- and a 42 Samsung flat screen in the day room and 42 inch lcd in the second master.
The main large TV has a higher end remote- click on –
If it does not turn on the cable box it is marked on and off and just push the on button.
If you have issues with turning on and off push source on the remote and makes sure it is on cable tv or manually turn on the cable boxes- sometimes Edison shuts of the electricity and we need to reboot or after a while no use causes it to have to be rebooted.

Stereo Equipment: I have a Bose Bluetooth—so you can play songs off your iPod or phone-keep source on dvd- it is written down- Tons of DVD’s in the 3rd master armoire and DVD players in all the rooms.
The Stereo is located in the cabinets below the library- you can play music in four area of the home-
Speakers in the great room, the main master bedroom, dayroom or outside. I labeled where you can push the buttons on the amplifier. To play cds turn on the cd player and on the left side of the player where marked push access and it will open the system- but the cd in facing the right so the bottom of the cd faces right and the readable part faces left then push play- easier to play one at time. The tuner works great! There are four buttons to push on the small box sitting on the receiver and the music can be piped in the master bedroom, outside, the day room and the living room- so you can adjust if you want all four areas turned on or off by pushing in and out the buttons- it is labeled. LOTS OF CDS THERE FOR YOUR Use-
Better to leave open the doors to the stereo when playing as it gets warm in the cabinet.

Ironing: There is an iron and ironing board and steamer as well as two vacuums for use in the hall closet and additional hall closet. There is water and distilled water and starch, too.

TV issues:
Call time warner-760-340-2225 if issues or call me.
Turn on the TV with the sharp remote and use the channels and the volume on the Cox remote.

Trash Pickup: Is Wednesday every week- you do not have to do anything- they come in the gate and empty.
Golf Cart: Please No children allowed to drive the cart – the previous cart got totaled by an underage person. The golf cart is a western electric and is charged in the garage- Please leave it plugged in when not using. It is equipped with a CD player and street ready. Fun to cruise around.
I do not have insurance on the golf cart- my insurance company will not insure it- So be very careful with it if you are using it! It fits 2 however you cannot drive on Highway 111-
You can drive to the center to the right of the gate at Washington and 111 on the sidewalk only.
Or to Vicki’s for Dinner as that is in the complex or the Country Club. It plugs in the garage with the electric cord- please turn the key to off when not in use.
Internet—wireless: wireless code is grandpiano427-
I have a large screen w a connection line so you can bring your laptop and connect the larger screen on it or use the one I have to check email etc. Most people have phones they use have some chargers in the drawer in the Kitchen people have left…
Maps of the area and Things to do:
There are maps of the area and information books on the activities of the Desert on the bar:
Community Pool
You can use both the pool private to the home and the large community pool and spa. Please do not have the children jumping in the pools- they are shallow and my neighbors and myself are not liable for accidents or drowning. We all advocate being safe and they are friendly. There is no wall around the community pool.
Other Amenities of the house:
I have two bikes and helmets- tennis racquets and golf clubs if you need to use.
Pool floats and toys etc. for kids outside in the cabinet on the side of the house and in the garage. There are is a grapefruit tree and a tangelo tree on the property if you want to pick a ripe one! There is an orange tree and a lemon tree on the property too for you to pick, too.
The Hyatt Grand Champions is across the street and you can use the health club and spa for a nominal fee. If you say you are an Indian Wells member, my understanding is you can go to the Esmeralda’s pool, too.
There is dancing nightly at Esmeralda’s Hotel across the street. The Esmeralda resort has a spa too.
Tennis Courts:
There are two a tennis courts next to the Indian Wells resort- think u have to pay the resort now. You can go to the large tennis facility/stadium and play there, too for a fee (Pacific Life) – go out the gate stay straight and it’s on the left about 2 minutes away. There is also a tennis court open in my complex walk a couple of blocks closer to the mountains in the condos- open no one uses- go left outside my door and pass the clubhouse on the right and in the heart of the condos there. The IW tennis facility is across the street and you can rent courts.
You are in the center of the desert- with La Quinta close by, El Paseo close by and Palm Springs about a half hour away. The Living Desert is on Cook Street and is fabulous for children! There are casinos about 20 minutes away in Indio or Palm Desert. Dance Places nearby like the Nest.

Have a fabulous time and call me on my cell phone if you need me!!!! 949 632-7727 or [email protected]
Thank you so much for staying and have a great time!!! Everyone loves the fact that I have a user friendly, relaxed and comfortable, homey home that is not really a rental but lived in and warm and cozy. I take pride in making sure it is perfect and please welcome any recommendations you may have………….
Enjoy, best to you….. Karen Sunday  please sign my guestbook………….

FYI: Restaurants I like:
Mastros for cocktails- or dinner but hard to get into.
The Italian restaurant in the Esmerelda hotel is great for Italian food- they give you lots of amenities
My favorite Italian place is just off El Paseo- called Le Spiga- fabulous
Castellis great for ambiance everyone loves the place.
Mamma Gina’s- good bar inexpensive happy hour-
New places popping up on El Paseo
Chapellis is a good casual restaurant La Quinta on Washington
Jackelope is casual great for kids in Indio- has a nice outdoor patio with waterfalls and a great bar to watch games- food is ok not expensive
The IW club is fabulous for lunch or dinner w big TVs and the view is awesome sports watching nice!!
Pacifica is fun great food and bar- fish awesome
Mastros has good entertainment and food- fun bar go early gets crowded
Cuistot is fancy and nice great classy bar,
Jillian’s is great- romantic and great ambiance- love their food!!! And sitting outside is wonderful
The Cliff house about a half a mile away near Washington has a great happy hour before 7pm- w inexpensive but good food
Ruth Chris and Morton’s and LGs for steaks
The exclusive restaurant at La Quinta resort is not great- the casual restaurant is good but not inexpensive.
The River has great places too like Flemings and Cheesecake factory-Babes for kids.
Don Diego’s at cook and 111 for Mexican food is good.
Wally’s is an older restaurant- a bit stuffy but great food and service
Sullivan’s is a people watching spot and great steak house and good seafood too- great bar
Arnold Palmers is fun and comfort food-the bar has a one man band and is casual and I love the outside putting green and seeing the Arnold Palmer- who I knew and very sad he passed- the KING
Lavender’s has a cool bar and lots to see there – high end great food one of my favorites in La Quinta
Morgan’s at the hotel La Quinta resort incredible- five star.—very nice and good food – good ambiance
I love the Esmeralda Hotel for drinks but Hyatt Grand Champions for dancing on the weekend’s fun not so crowded- same band every year-
The sport bar- at Washington and 111 is crowded and fun- casual cheer on! Beer Hunter.
The Nest has good early bird specials. (Older crowd) and a fun dancing place later for the older crowd but heck us young people go there too! Packed on weekends- food is not great in my opinion
There are lists in the home and maps by the phone.

Grocery Shopping:
For incidentals you can go to right out the gate to Washington- Vons Pavilions across the street from there on the opposite corner. The opposite direction is Albertsons the super Wal-Mart has everything down from there past Washington and there is a home depot and target there too. We have Jensen’s- Bristol Farms and Gelsons now and Whole Foods- google them.
We have a Costco now- the best one I have been in- the meat is superb.- off 111 about two miles in Indio on the right side of the street- Trader Joes on Washington in La Quinta 2 miles away.